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GrandTech (TPEx:6123) reports 1st Quarter FY2018 financial results ,

 Earnings Per Share before tax NT$0.81 and Net Profit before tax grew 80% YoY

Released By GrandTech Issued On:2018/04/17
  Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 17, 2018 -- GrandTech (TPEx: 6123)  today reported financial results on its first quarter of fiscal year 2018

First Quarter of FY2018 Financial Highlights
•    Net Profit Before Tax of NT$45M, 79% YoY in 1st quarter.
•    Earnings per share before tax at NT$0.81, YoY 80% growth. TTM EPS before tax NT$4.58 reflected strong profitability growth.
•    Operating Profit of NT$42M grew 32% YoY.
•    Excluded the disposed business and one time recognized non-operating P&L in 1st quarter 2017, Operating Profit grew 56% YoY, and 13% YoY on Net Profit Before Tax and EPS before tax.
•    Consolidated revenue of NT$0.86 billion, 23% dropped YoY, due to disposed business coupled with the currency fluctuation; however, organic business grew 13% YoY with stable growth momentum.

GrandTech quoted, IFRS 9 and IFRS 15, which took effect from 1st Jan 2018, impacted the financial statements on non-operating profits and contractual customers’ revenue recognition.

GrandTech’s financial shown steady growth in profit despite the impact from IFRS adoption and currencies depreciation in overseas subsidiaries.  The main contribution came from the strong organic growth in Creative & Cloud Service Business Group and Enterprise Business Group.

With current momentum, GrandTech will continue to focus on generating greater growth in Creative & Cloud Service Business Group and Enterprise Business Group. At the same time capturing the promising expansion in Cloud Services Business Unit and Dynamic Digital Print Business Group,  and with the continuous efforts on M&A or strategic alliances establishment in the region, scalable and sustainable return of investment will be the rewards to the shareholders.
2018 Financial report ( consolidated): (Unit:NT$ thousands)


FY2017 Financial results (consolidated):
項目 2018
Growth Rate %
2018 Q1
(recent disposed businesses & M&A)
Growth Rate %
Income Before Tax (NT$ Thousands)42,33131,99532%42,33127,15056%
Net Profit before Tax (NT$)45,51325,41379%45,51340,44013%
EPS Before Tax(NT$)0.810.4580%0.810.7213%
 Note: 1st quarter of fiscal year 2018 financial result is unaudited consolidated account.