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Established in July 1991 by a group of determined and passionate intellectuals, GrandTech has since created a world of new possibilities for the Taiwan graphics software market and became one of the leaders in graphics, imaging, multimedia and Internet in the Greater China region. While crossing into the 21st century, GrandTech successfully built a distribution platform covering all of Asia (Greater China Region, Southeast Asia (ASEAN), South Asia and developed into the biggest value-added distributing service provider in Asia. With its headquarters in Taiwan and branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Delhi and Chennai, GrandTech employs more than 200 employees, bringing together the best of the talented and motivated. GrandTech carries the grand ambition of becoming the leader of the Asian communications world.

Major product types of GrandTech include:
1. Professional communications software and hardware value-added distribution
2. Software localization
3. Professional book publishing

Professional Communications Software and Hardware Added-Value Distribution

GrandTech provides vendors and customers with digital integrated solutions. Aside from own brand of        products, we also distribute many world-famous quality products by companies such as:
1. Adobe - World's largest graphics and imaging software company
2. Macromedia - World's largest web multimedia software company
3. discreet 3D - Leading brand in animation software
4. Quark - Leading brand in professional publishing software
5. Wacom - World's largest manufacturer of digital tablets and pens
6. Handspring - Renowned brand for PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant)
7. Kodak - World's leading brand in imaging industry
8. Epson - Leading brand in imaging and information equipment
9. MICROTEK - Manufacturer of digital imaging products

Software Localization

We provide international vendors with entrances into the Asian market by offering the quality ensured service of localization into CCK (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean) standards. Through collaboration with the world-renowned companies such as Adobe, Macromedia, FileMaker, and Microsoft, we hope to aid users in eliminating software usage problems that may have been caused by language barriers. While stressing the quality of professional language, we aim to improve the international usage platform for computer software.

Professional Book Publishing

We provide the books for computer graphics and Internet related materials as well as possess the copyrights for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Progressing along with the computer market, we provide detailed information on features and usage of new software products to improve our users' application abilities and product handling techniques.